Resolving Google Merchant Account Suspension

Company Background: Pro Equipment is an e-commerce business for Premium Commercial Restaurant Equipment. They were trying to enable their products on Google Merchant Center. However, due to misrepresentation, the Merchant Account was Suspended.

Issue Name: Pro Equipment received a notification that their Google Merchant account was suspended due to a policy violation. The specific violation was related to inaccurate information, which conflicted with Google’s guidelines.

Resolution Process:

  • Identification of Violations: Pro Equipment found some inaccurate information, such as incorrect pricing and mismatched product descriptions.
  • Check Notifications: Google sends notifications about suspensions. Read these carefully. I have noticed that the reason was misrepresentation.
  • What is a misrepresentation: Misrepresentation is when the information that you are providing is inaccurate such as business information, Incorrect website address, Incorrect Website Logo, Incorrect Google My Business, and more. Website loading time issue, Issue on checkout process, incorrect information of return & refund policy, incorrect social media links.

Submit for Review: After fixing all the issues of misrepresentation I have a contract with the Google support team. And they checked the account and told me to send the manual review. After sending the manual review, the account was successfully solved.

Outcome/Result: After a few days of submitting the appeal,  Pro Equipment received a response from Google, informing them that their Merchant account suspension was lifted.

Key Learnings:

  • Regularly monitor product listings and data to ensure ongoing compliance with platform policies.
  • Check the regular basis products on Google Merchant Center.
  • Fix the product issues regularly.
  • Prepare as many supplementary feed files as possible to solve the issues.
  • Keep up with any changes in Google’s policies.
  • Make your website user-friendly and ensure it loads quickly.
  • Ensure your checkout process is secure.
  • Provide detailed return & refund policy.
  • Provide exact links to social media buttons.